Designers' Guides Series

The Designers’ Guides Series grew out of a desire to create an “Encyclopaedia Britannica” for Product Safety.

After more than ten years of writing it had reached more than 400 pages and was nowhere near complete.

That was a problem: it would be too heavy to be portable, so expensive that few would be able to afford it, and if they did, it would be too large to find the information they were seeking.

So we have broken this massive Product Safety Guide into smaller books and are offering them through Amazon Kindle.

The Designers’ Guides Series editions available to purchase now from Amazon – and there are more to come!



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Insulation Theory Creepage and Clearance

Many engineers and designers find the subject of insulation, creepage and clearance difficult to understand. Here for the first time is a clear, concise explanation of the difference between creepage and clearance as well as a thorough analysis of the different types of insulation, when to use them in product design. There are good graphic illustrations and examples of what not to do and why it matters. A must read for every product designer.

Grounding and Earthing

Many of today’s product designers still get the basics of Earthing and Grounding wrong. With 35 years of experience in electronic product design and electrical product safety, Gregg Kervill, offers detailed descriptions and illustrations on how to ensure you do it correctly. This is a must read publication, particularly for new engineering graduates lacking on the job experience. Kervill brings his decades of teaching product safety on three continents to bear on this important subject.

Risk Assessment

Must read book for all Design engineers, managers, quality managers and others involved in new product design. Contains risk review techniques, analysis tools and provides understanding of risk assessment philosophy necessary for success in highly competitive engineering design field. Add to your knowledge library now and upgrade your future.

Circuit Protection & Fuses

Short circuit protection and overcurrent lead as One of the most common product safety failings. What design engineers need to know about they don’t teach you in school.

Overview Global Environmental Requirements

This book is a compilation of a series of blog articles on worldwide Environmental Regulations affecting electrical and electronic waste which Phoenix Technical Group has posted over a period of several months in the summer and fall of 2012. The subjects covered are European and US electrical and electronic waste regulations with a preface on where we are and what global leaders are doing. Industry experts give the reader the highlights.

We have pulled these articles together in a book which we hope you will find useful.