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CE Marking Requirements Are Constantly Changing and Updating

Smart companies and small manufacturers are constantly vigilant about new legislation, standards and country specific requirements that affect their products.

Brexit-lgEuropean Union CE Marking

The European Union is still the world’s largest industrial market. With over 500+ million consumers and 28 member countries, hundreds of thousands of products are imported and placed on the market or put into use every year. However, just because you met the requirements 20 years ago does not mean your product is safe today from prosecution or scrutiny from the enforcement authorities (aided by your competitors).

And then came Brexit – Don’t be fooled.  This move will definitely have an impact on all exporters.  How much of an impact is yet to be determined.

Product Conformity

Product Conformity with EU New Approach (CE Marking) Directives or any other mandatory requirement should be simple and straightforward. Here are the four critical steps:

  1. Research and identify the technical requirement
  2. Understand these requirements
  3. Implement those requirements within design.
  4. Demonstrate you have completed ONE, TWO, and THREE

However, when more than one Directive applies to your product, then things are not quite so simple.

If you would like help in ensuring you reach your compliance goals — cost effectively and efficiently —