Pre-packaged Test Methods & Procedures


Phoenix Technical Group’s Pre-Packaged Test Procedures support the Four Key Areas of business by providing solutions to incorporate product safety compliance into an existing company Quality System.

The PTG Solutions for the Four Key Areas are:

  • Templates for creating the right documentation
  • Recommended Tools and Packaged Test Processes that enable an engineer to test and review the equipment for compliance.
  • Educational and Training Material – to provide the engineer with the understanding and knowledge that is otherwise unavailable.
  • PTG has developed the necessary software, documentation templates, training material, checklists, and list of tools necessary to conduct most of the tests required by industry. These are also useful and provide a basis for submitting products to UL – CSA – TÜV or any of the other agencies.


When reviewing a product against a standard it is essential to use a report that is recognised by experts in the field.  Before any engineer can begin to review the product, they must be able to read and understand the interpretations of each of the several hundred clauses that are contained. We therefore provide a multi-level approach to allow the engineer to obtain the necessary level of skill and knowledge.

Health and Safety Warning

Many of the tests and reviews required by the safety standards described in this document are inherently hazardous. The practices and procedures used during safety compliance verification may be hazardous and must be carried out by professional engineers and persons who can be expected to have the knowledge and experience to avoid the hazardous situations that may arise.

All persons involved in product safety evaluation must employ adequate safeguards for personnel and property when conducting these tests and reviews.

The Author, Publishers and recommended Suppliers provide the kit information in good faith and without any liability for any injury or damage resulting from the use or misuse of the information included.

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