Universal Compliance Management System (UCMS)

What is the (UCMS)?

UCMS is a comprehensive, integrated compliance management system using an efficient documentation system which is:

  • Simple to use
  • Easy to understand without specialist knowledge
  • Easy to audit and to maintain
  • Reliable
    • Will survive at least ten years longer than the product will be sold and in service
    • Will prevent unauthorized product alternation
    • Will not be dependent on software
  • Transferable — Quickly — Accurately
  • Secure
UCMS manages all your compliance files in one simple to use system.

UCMS manages all your compliance files in one simple to use system.

What Does This Mean to Me?

UCMS (our Universal Compliance Management System) Provides Added Value

It Documents and Catalogues Test and Review Data so that the data can be
re-used and reapplied in order to:

  • Eliminate unnecessary testing
  • Use agency test data to authenticate in-house test results
  • Reduce or eliminate product recalls
  • Promote a common platform for data sharing and synergy between Quality, Regulatory, Engineering and Manufacturing in a unique and different way.
  • Substantially reduces time and compliance costs
Universal Compliance Management System

Universal Compliance Management System

End User License Agreement for UCMS

Please download the user license agreement and place one copy at the front of your UCMS binder.  All of our products are copyright protected and trademarked.

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We are looking for five VIP Customers to help us Beta test and finalize this product scheduled to release in Fall 2016.