Brexit Watchdog Service

At Phoenix Technical Group (PTG) we value our customers and believe we have an obligation to continually support you.  Like it or not, Brexit will affect you in some way – whether from a regulatory aspect, sales aspect, financial, marketing position or straight cut to your bottom line.

What could Brexit mean for you? At a minimum…

  • You might have to select one of the remaining EU member states into which to initially place products on the market, which will result in additional costs to your company and to your products.
  • You might have to identify “Responsible persons” and “Authorised representatives” in a different geographic location.
  • If you’ve been working with UK entities, your company may need to find new Notified Bodies, test labs, and develop relationships with new regulatory authorities.
  • Your company may need to set up operations in new countries to handle this transition.
  • Other as yet unknown implications. (See our most recent blogs on the topic.)

Because we are concerned that confusion and misinformation exists about what Brexit will mean to our customers, we have launched a new service with you in mind.

We are offering both our existing and new customers a pre-launch option to join PTG’s Brexit Watchdog Service™ at the discount price of $997 annually or one-time payment of $1,497 until Brexit is finalized (approximately end of 2018).  NOTE: These prices are effective ONLY through December 31, 2016, after which the public price will be $3,497 annually.

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Why Phoenix Brexit Watchdog Service?

Phoenix staff were around and know how pre-EU worked, so can anticipate how post-Brexit will work. Phoenix staff have first-hand experience in working with and contributing to substantial changes to EU standards.

Let us take the worry out of what Brexit means to your business.
Stay informed with accurate information.
Be prepared to make the most from Brexit.
Stay ahead of your competitors.

Benefits of Brexit Watchdog Service

  • Focused straightforward information directly from EU-based experts
  • Monthly updates directly to your inbox
  • Advice on issues affecting regulatory, sales and planning aspects
  • Advance warning of issues of potential concern
  • Two hours per month one-on-one phone or email consulting on YOUR product specific issues
  • Your annual cost is LESS than two weeks of one engineer’s time
  • You can leave the worry to us

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Phoenix Brexit
Annual Watchdog Service

$997 Annual Fee





Phoenix Brexit
One-Time Watchdog Service

$1,497 One-Time Fee




Remember, as of January 1, 2017, the annual price will increase to $3,497.
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We have you covered.