“Safe” Product Design & Testing

Product Safety — A Strength Since 1993

“Thought may be “borne of the mouth” but liability is borne of poor design.” — Gregg Kervill

Sad but true, 99% of all new designs will fail compliance testing – some will fail more than 3 times before product safety compliance can be certified. Since 1993, GKCL’s clients in Europe, the US and Asia have turned corporate culture from reactive to proactive.

FROM: Relegating Compliance and Product Safety to the end of product design.

TO: Integrated Development Process where compliance is built into the design at little or no extra cost.

In-House, Pre-Compliance Testing

During the last 10 years engineering knowledge has been lost, fired and retired from industries across the world. Relying on a Test House for product certification is necessary, but using such expensive resources during product development would be prohibitive. This is one reason companies leave compliance (too) late in their design process. (Too late – when is it hard, expensive and can jeopardize the entire product.)

Phoenix Learning Services (formerly GKCL) has trained, implemented and put Product Safety in place for companies of all sizes.

Phoenix Learning Services (formerly GKCL) has established Product Safety processes, training and test labs in place for industries (pre-compliance testing), European Enforcement Organizations, and NRTL’s.

Let Us Help You Save Money & Meet Compliance!