How We Work

We understand that our clients have a wide range of knowledge, ability and experience, and deserve more than a “one-size-fits-all” solution. We provide everything you may need, from in-house training to full project management. We can help you during the design or post-design phases of your projects, and we ensure regulatory compliance throughout the process.

Product Conformity with Requirements

Regulatory professionals know that first-time product submissions often fail and that Project Managers face project overspends and time overruns when that happens. Bringing in skilled electrical and mechanical engineers who know and understand federal and international regulations will help you ensure compliance.

Fixed Cost Solutions

Phoenix is different. We offer fixed-cost solutions, providing our clients with:

  • Marketing Plan input.
  • Design guidelines, based on product and international requirements.
  • Test plans to confirm compliance throughout design and development.
  • Client training for use on on-going and future projects.

Fixed Cost Results

  • Clients reduce time-to-market and design costs.
  • Clients improve customer satisfaction.

Working with Phoenix reduces failure and offers you valuable sources of knowledge and skills at a fixed cost.

Contract Program Management & Services

Phoenix has more than 150 years of combined experience in Business Development, Contract Management, Technical Writing, Safety and Risk Assessment and Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. This allows us to take a Prime or Partner role in contracts for medium-sized and complex projects. With our Woman-Owned Small Business status, we have access to contracts set aside for the US WOSB Program.

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