9-11 We Will Remember

We all know where we were when landmark events took place.

Penny and I had just arrived in Richmond (VA), returning after a visit to the Semiconductor trade Association when we got to the office: there we were just in time to see the second plane fly into the World Trade Center.

A few months later I was in the UK experiencing the Last Night of the Proms. The Proms are usually and celebration of classical music lasting several weeks and culminate, on the last night, with a humorous festival. Fancy dress is an optional extra, ‘Prommers’ wear anything from full dinner jackets to patriotic T-shirts. Usually there will be several hundred exhibitionist who will parody the orchestra’s conductor.

It is a classically good natured event where everyone (including the conductor) can let their hair down. That was – until the 2001 Last-Night when all frivolity was replaced by the silence and respect found at the grave of a loved one.

All across England, Wales and Scotland, not one person spoke, shouted, or cheered. The emotion borne by the conductor, Leonard Slatkin, and the musicians, hardly showed on their faces, but filled every note played….. There could never be a finer epitaph to the memory of those that died.

Words cannot describe the event, but we ask you to commit 12 minutes to honor our fallen.

Gregg Kervill                            {video}